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Alpaca Canada

Alpaca Canada Alpaca Canada

Alpaca Canada

Client: Alpaca Canada

Alpaca Canada is the official voice of the Alpaca industry in Canada representing the needs of all members through promotion, educational opportunities and research.

Synopsis: Alpaca Canada enlisted High Country Web Design because it needed help with the operation of its stud service auction and it wanted to spruce up their website. High Country Web Design has developed an auction website for Alpaca Canada's parent organization The Canadian Llama and Alpaca Associated as well.

High Country Web Design has developed a sophisticated and reliable, database driven, Internet-based auction site to ensure that the Alpaca Canada's stud service auction runs smoothly and fairly for all its participants. We also updated their website with a new navigation menu and added their new logo.

Services: Database Driven Auction Website Development, Web Hosting, Website Update.

Website: www.alpacainfo.ca

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